Give Tech a Try

These overviews and cheat sheets can give you a jump start in understanding the big picture. Hopefully they'll help you find your bearings and make the road of tutorials and troubleshooting a little less bumpy.

Trying to Get Git?

Pop over to the Git page to see detailed flow diagrams and commands to run for common scenarios. And for anyone completely new to version control, there are also tips to get you started.

Git Thumbnail

Want the Gist of Java?

Get a bird's eye view of how methods and classes are used to create objects.

Java Thumbnail

How About a Little Linux?

Check out the Linux page for handy commands and tips as well as a brief introduction to permissions and $PATH variables.

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Want to go on a bug hunt?

Here's a quick form for you to test. See which bugs you can find...then compare your list to mine.

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